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Revolut Checkout with Narrow Victory

20 games into the Fintech Football Championship and we have our first clean sheet, as a series of heroic saves from Revolut goalkeeper Chris Kellas denied a fantastic Checkout side who almost sprung the shock of the season so far, but ultimately ended on the wrong end of a 3-0 defeat.

Revolut took an early lead in the game when Asaaf Nzsdjean calmy slotted the ball past the Checkout goalkeeper in the opening five minutes. It was Revolut who had the better of the early exchanges but a lethal counter attack from Checkout saw a penalty awarded in what was a major turning point in the game.

An outstanding save by Kellas from the spot was met with an enormous roar from the Revolut fans who knew what a big moment that was. Mere minutes after Kellas’ heroics, Jerry Bogue went up the other end of the pitch to double Revolut’s advantage in what was a rather undeserved blow for Checkout, who had worked extremely hard in the first half.

The teams went into the half time break with the scoreboard reading 2-0, although Revolut will know that they were let off the hook by their keeper. Checkout started the second half the much better team, and forced an excellent double save from Kellas who was having the game of his life in between the sticks. Jason Dantzer will be left wondering what more he could have done to find a way past the keeper.

In a further twist, Dantzer did find the back of the Revolut net with a thunderous free-kick, only for the goal to be ruled out for a moving ball. Following this refereeing decision, Checkout heads dropped, and it wasn’t long before Bogue added his second of the game in the final minutes of the game to secure all three points. The Revolut-ion continues for another week!

Marley Ali's Revolut team are now strong favourites for the title but a defining game against SaltPay awaits on match day 7!

Final Score: Revolut 3 vs 0 Checkout

Man of the Match: Chris Kellas

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