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Join the Hydration Revolution

We all know the importance of staying well hydrated and drinking plenty of water each day but how many of us actually drink as much as we should?

According to the European Food Safety Authority* the average healthy man should be aiming to consume 2 litres of water a day and for women it’s 1.6 litres.

However, research has found** that nine out of ten brits aren’t taking in this level of fluid and a third of us admit that we regularly don’t drink any water at all throughout the day.

These are pretty shocking statistics, so why is staying hydrated so important? And what are the benefits?

Well firstly the obvious…we need water to survive, roughly 60% of the human body is made up of water and we lose water content in many ways throughout the day, for example from breathing and sweating.

Drinking water can also boost mental performance, enhance your mood, improve your skin condition and boost your physical performance.

And worryingly not drinking enough water can result in headaches, increased fatigue and longer-term constipation, reduced kidney function and urinary tract infections.

So, it’s a no brainer, we all need to drink more water – but if it’s so obvious what’s stopping us? The main answer is the taste, when thirsty many of us will reach for a caffeinated or sugary drink which can cause a completely new set of problems for the body.

What’s the answer?

Nick Hird and Rob Bennett, two entrepreneurs may just have the solution. In early 2019 they launched ViDrate, a fully natural and flavoured sachet designed to be added to water with the remarkably simple aim of helping people to drink more water by making it taste better.

Having met each other at a previous company focusing on selling sports drinks, Nick and Rob spotted a huge gap in the market which they’ve taken advantage of.

“We’d be in the car together, just talking about the drinks industry, our frustrations with the industry and issues with people not drinking enough. It seemed like a gaping hole in the market was in our face and the opportunity was obvious.”

After several months of discussing their ideas, and after a bit of convincing from Rob, they both took the plunge and quit their jobs to focus fully on the idea.

Nick played Rugby League to a high standard and had a previous career as a fitness model and Rob previously worked at Saracens Rugby Club, so they were well placed to take on the challenge. Both were very clear about the importance of hydration and about what they wanted to achieve with the product.

As Rob very simply puts it;

“ViDrate is ultimately designed to help people drink more water” and they wanted to achieve this with a product that has:

· Zero sugar

· 100% natural ingredients

· Added electrolytes

· A great taste

They also wanted to create the product in sachet format, which can be simply added to water, making it as easy as possible to consume on the go. In total it took them 14 months to completely develop the product. When they began their journey, their biggest issue was that most of the suppliers said that it would be impossible to develop a great tasting product with zero sugar and 100% natural ingredients and the added vitamins and minerals, which was seen as a big part of the proposition.

However, they stuck to their guns and their persistence paid off as they finally found a supplier that could produce what they were after.

This was so important to the pair, as it clearly differentiates them from other drinks brands.

“The problem is that every product on the market at the moment that delivers what we do, is either ploughed full of sugar or artificial sweeteners and preservatives. There’s a lot of brands that are zero sugar, but they have artificial sweeteners and there’s a lot of brands that have natural sweeteners but there’s sugar content in there as well. But we’re the first (to our knowledge) that don’t have either.”

The nature of the product means that it’s essentially targeted at everybody, as we all need to drink more water everyday…whether that’s office workers, students, the elderly or athletes both professional and amateur.

The product is extremely easy to consume as the sachet is simply emptied and stirred into water. It can also be added to and enjoyed with warm water for those wanting to swap out their teas and coffee for a more hydrating option.

As Rob puts it, “The product is for anyone who’s interested in taking small steps to improve their health.”

It’s obviously a concept that has resonated well with consumers as less than 2 years after the brand was created, they are already stocked in Holland & Barrett Stores and most Universities across the country. As well as growing a large and loyal customer base with their direct to consumer model.

A Personal Touch

And it’s not just product itself that’s unique, so is the way that the brand communicates with its customers. Nick & Rob still include a handwritten thank you note to everyone that purchases their products and they involve loyal customers in their decision making as a business.

They’re launching 2 new flavours in the next 8 weeks (Strawberry & Lime and Lemon, Lime and Mint), and they spent a considerable amount of money developing a very small batch to share with their most loyal customers who then provided feedback which was taken into account and implemented before finalising the new products. The result of which is enhanced loyalty from their best customers.

So, what’s next? They’ve just signed a deal with a distributor in the UAE and of course they have the launch of their two new flavours. The brand has seen incredible growth from just two years ago when it was just an idea they discussed in the car and we can’t wait to see what the next three years has in store for ViDrate.

If your one of the millions of people who doesn’t drink enough water throughout the day and want to make an effort to change, whether that’s because you regularly suffer from headaches or fatigue during the day or you just want to get in peak physical condition for next year’s Corporate 5’s Cup…Why not try the products for yourself?

For a limited time we’re able to offer a free taster pack of 8 sachets to all of our subscribers, get yours here today.




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